Boomerang Farm Gravity Park

Current status:  Sunday 12th/04/15, rides on…….


Boomerang Farm Gravity Park is located at 55 Johns Road, Mudgreeba, Qld. The site itself is a pristine golf course but located behind those perfectly cut fairways is approx 250 acres of untapped bushland just ready to ridden. The site has all the amenities required to make this an awesome ride/race venue. A licensed bar, hot and cold snacks, BBQ’s and a pretty darn good atmosphere.

In the planning is two Dh lines, an A-line and Freeride line. Some of these are still in planning phase but our first DH line known as “Rodneys Run” is partially completed and ready to ride, the last section of track may take a month(as of 31/12/13) to scratch out as it thick in vegetation.

The first DH line cut into the earth was named in honour of young Rodney Hawes who sadly passed away at age 12 on the park grounds in 1959 whilst surveying the land with his father. There is a plaque that was found on our first dig day located near the top shuttle turn around area , so the name was fitting.

The park is currently closed to the public and only open to riding on organized dig and ride days, so ensure you check regularly for these open days.

*Important: There is no entry allowed on days not specified as a ride day! For access to the site on other days, it can be requested via our Contact us page.

There a few common rules we need to adhere to once on the grounds. Your understanding of these is important.

  • Speed limit on the Golf Course grounds/Car Park is 10 KPH
  • Speed limit on the Shuttle trails is 20 KPH
  • No Alcohol to be brought onto grounds as there is a bar on site
  • No Animals to be brought on site
  • No riding/walking or crossing over the Golf Tees/Greens/Fairways…….
  • All riders must sign the waiver at the reception, riders caught not having done so will be asked to leave
  • Rubbish to be removed, those caught littering will be asked to leave
  • And finally those caught tampering, re-aligning, adjusting, removing to suit their own riding ability will be removed. All track works, modifications or repairs need to be given clearance by the Track Director, Shane Flower.  Click here to contact him via our Contact Us page.

Andrew “DH Bomber” White soaring over “Aarons Crack”Andy

Andy’s vid.


7 thoughts on “Boomerang Farm Gravity Park

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  2. Just started coming to the boomerang track. Awesome.
    Would like to come during the week after work. What time do we have to be out of there by ?

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