UCI top three comp, its on again……..with a bonus!

Ok, its on again!!

The Outlook Riders Alliance are celebrating the upcoming SEQ DH season (thanks to DIRTMerch, ForTheRiders, Ashgrove Cycles) and local stars Max Warshawsky and Remy Morton in France tonight and we want to give some shirts away! Simply guess who is going to take out the the top 3 final spots in Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s! Pretty straight forward right? Here is how submissions need to be made in the “got something to say” comment box at the bottom of this page.

Answers not accepted on our Facebook page.
Answers must be posted in the comment box below(on this page).
For you blokes, you must get the Male category right and vice versa for females entrants, the first one to answer the correct results wins.

But here is the bonus!!
Much loved Remy and Maxxy go head to head tonight(our time), but when its all done and dusted, only one will be faster. Nominate “Max beats Remy” or “Remy beats Max” and add the time difference….ie: Max beats Remy 15secs.

Good luck!


1st:  Ratboy
2nd: Brosnan
3rd:  Bruni

1st: Hannah
2nd: Seagrave
3rd: Atherton

Remy beats Max 8secs


15 thoughts on “UCI top three comp, its on again……..with a bonus!

  1. Spoiler alert…….

    Overnight, local lads entered the arena of the world cup for the first time! Max and Remy both putting down hugely respectable times in what can only be seen as a tough track.

    Nobody won our competition this time, better luck in the next round> Fort William (Great Britain)


    For the ladies….


    Max beat Remy, by 8.162 seconds.

  2. Men
    1. Brook McDonald
    2. Loic Bruni
    3. Josh Bryceland

    1. Rachel Atherton
    2. Manon Carpenter
    3. Emile Ragot

    Max beats Remy by 4.5 seconds

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