Boomerang Farm entry details update.

Hey guys and girls!

To all riders heading down to Boomerang Farm, they will notice over the coming days the implementation of wristbands to allow Farm staff/ORA committee quick and easy recognition of who has actually signed in. This should act as a reminder, that “signing in” is a condition of entry that everyone must adhere to.

For riders, you’ll be given a green wristband, wear it as you like however it must remain visible at all times. Non riders will receive alternate coloured bands on the day. If you do not have a wristband on, you will be asked to head back to the shop and sign in.

Further to that, riding times are now as follows, 7am-4pm daily. Failure to leave the Farm at closing time(check with staff) will find your vehicle locked in and an extra fee payable to have the gate unlocked. We have been working hard to secure an “open daily” format, it now up to you guys to keep it that way!

For further info, hit us on the contact us page or check in over at Facebook!

Stay steezy


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