About O.R.A.

For many years, the Downhill and Freeride community has been a progressively growing but sometimes underrated one with little or no support from government groups. Until only a few years ago, tell anyone that you Freeride and you’d quickly see a blank face staring right back at you! Not any more.

While most attention had been placed on overseas events, a dedicated underground crew of lads kept plugging over the years building something that was to become a local legend of sorts, however good or bad the reception was. Until recently, the Outlook had attracted a core bunch of riders but after some public outcry, the threat of all the hard work being demolished seemed ever so real. Realizing the need to have open dialogue with local council and residents to get our message across, the idea of the club was born. Since that day, we have not taken one step back in an effort to bringing to life the one very dream that everyone had, legal tracks.

The Outlook Riders Alliance Inc. have one thing in mind, to give Freeride and Downhill riders what they want. One of the clubs basic functions is to facilitate an open discussion with other local groups and land owners in the effort to create a riding experience many of us have to travel overseas for. With the ongoing build happening at Boomerang Farm, many riders have been allowed to give creative input into what track features they want to see and ride.

The tracks transformation from dream to reality is already turning heads and without the blood, sweat and tears our club members provide on build days, we would simply have nothing to speak of. If your keen to get involved, simply click here or join our Facebook group here and become a supporting member with each $35 membership coming with an official Outlook shirt(postage extra).



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