The Outlook, Highland Park.

*Update* 23/07/2015


As there has been a bucket load of posts wondering what the status of the Outlook is, here is the low down. The Gold Coast City Council has started demolition works at the Outlook and as we type this 75% of the place has been leveled. Be advised, there has been warnings of fines for anyone caught in the area during this time.

It truly is a sad state of affairs when the council decide to do a backflip after leading the MTB community down the proverbial path then totally dismissing previously discussed matters and essentially “blindsiding” the local riding community. It should be said that this is not just a local affair as we all know the international presence the Outlook has attracted. But instead on fostering the riders ideals and ambitions, the council decided that it was in “their” best interests to just wipe it off the slate.

The Outlook was built by hand and back pockets at no expense to the GCCC, but even after putting our hands up to do what was needed to the tracks(based on the IMBA audit), the council also found there was no funding for it. We never asked for money as we knew that with council consultation, we could have facilitated those changes ourselves.

Jump back only a few months ago, we were led to believe only a number of structures would be coming down(to which ORA accepted), even our own local community leaders were under the same impressions ORA was, however as you read this or even go to the Outlook you will see quite a different picture. Now, the council won’t have to deal with riders at the Outlook but they will have new problems that will arise outside of the Kirribilli Park.

  • Outside the ORA’s control is the fact that new illegal tracks will be built, like it or not…..
  • Young riders who rode the Outlook after school will have to look elsewhere for that quick spin or not ride at all only further adding weight to the above point.
  • The council’s willingness to put their own interests first, rather than implement changes to discussed, thus putting the momentum that had been built by riders back into the “dark ages”.
  • The reputation and attention the Outlook had gained from overseas was hand-built by those committed to the sport but the council didn’t come to the party, it will hard to retain and all the progress made will simply be wasted.





2 thoughts on “The Outlook, Highland Park.

  1. why can’t the Gold Coast be like say queens town where they seem to embrace the sport and benefit from it?

    • How we wish that was the case, In Australia the general view is that people cant take responsibility for their actions, so they find legal resolutions whilst in NZ, people do take accountability……

      You cannot sue if you have received a personal injury in NZ(however you are covered), but in Australia…..some take you for a “legal ride” because their scratched arm is worth a million dollars.

      Go figure 😉

      Thanks Scott for your support!

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