Correspondence just keeps flooding in!

Some excerpts from some of the support received yesterday……the implications of a poor decision by the Gold Coast City Council regarding the Outlook will be seen around the world! C’mon Council, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this!

Name: D
Anything you want to add?: just take a look at queenstown to see what bikes can do for your states tourism dollar…….
~upper Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

Name: B
Anything you want to add?: I have been to outlook many times to ride, i am not by any means a ‘pro’ rider but i still find plenty of ridable terrain, its the only place in qld to progress your skills beyond an amatuer level, all of the lines and tracks are well planned out and without being able to hit the smaller lines you will not be able to jump some of the bigger features which keeps less advanced riders on the other sections of the track. There are also some awesome downhill runs, would be very sad to see this place bulldozed as it is a wasted space without mtb tracks for locals and tourists to enjoy. Some co-operation from council would see this park a world class riding facility.
~pacific pines


Name: R
Anything you want to add?: I ask the GCCC to consider the tourism potential of MTB parks and trails. Review Rotorua, Whistler and Mt Buller to see how many people will travel for good Mountain Biking. The GC Hinterland is an under-utilised tourism asset and MTB parks will draw significant numbers and increase spend in these areas as well as open up business opportunities.In addition to the tourism benefits, the local MTB riding community is growing quickly and we all want places to ride locally. One look at Daisy Hill on a weekend will show how well the Redlands council has done in attracting people to their local assets.


Name: w.w.
Anything you want to add?: Please keep the trails as they are. I will be moving to the area from the UK and look forward to being able to ride them. A lot of hard work would have been put into play here and i don’t see why without insurance etc you cannot keep the features and maintain a healthy partnership with the mountain bikers for a sustainable future.
~Mareham le fen, Lincolnshire, UK


Name: C.B
Anything you want to add?: This is a quality area that has been the product of dedication and effort to progress a passion. The availability of riding locations of this quality are quite sparse in QLD and it would be detrimental to both the quality of resources in the the DH cycling community but may also have the adverse effect of displacing riders into even less acceptable areas. It would be beneficial to all parties to meet and reach a mutual agreement that permits Outlook to remain in place.
~Milton, QLD 4064



and it just keeps growing…..thanks guys and girls!!!


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