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If there is one forum post that must be read….it is this. I found it this morning…



I’m not part of the Outlook riders alliance and I haven’t built there. I have ridden there once and some of the basic old trails were fun. However, that one ride was enough to let me know I wouldn’t ride there again – too big for me, ever. I’ve been back several times though, because the place is so outrageous and awesome. Even if no-one is riding, it represents a part of MTB that has to be preserved. No not preserved – Honoured.

The Outlook represents the pinnacle of MTB trail construction. To be able to manufacture the shit they build there, you have to have an intimate understanding of the hill, the soil, the shovel. It must be hard using a pick and shovel with such big balls in the way and still get it right! While I doubt the original lads were too sad over the deconstruction of 50-100m sections of rickety, elevated, skinny slats 3+m above the ground, the gaps, hips, drops and walls are something else entirely. Mastery deserves recognition, even if the average rider will never have a place (on a bike) on the Outlook.

Please lend your Facebook support to the Outlook, but don’t go feral. Unless things have changed behind the scenes over Easter, City of Gold Coast has not yet reviewed the IMBA trail audit, nor said which features have to change, let alone said the place is closing. When they do sit down to decide on the trail audit recommendations, there is at least one proven supporter of MTB on the council crew. Without Naomi, there would be no Old Tambo trail. She has been at every QORF (Qld Outdoor Recreation Federation) MTB forum I have attended for years and has been a big part in guiding City of Gold Coast to support MTB. For a non-rider, Naomi is an amazing asset. The Outlook lads are not backed into a corner. They certainly have our support and I will make sure Naomi knows it from our perspective* too.

Long live The Outlook. City of Gold Coast has a very big investment in international tourism. The Outlook is a feather in their hat, but something they are nervous about because they could never have built it alone, ever and are still trying to establish standards that include it. I shouldn’t say so, but having an international event on The Outlook that gets more online hits than the Comm Games XC MTB is something I would love to see.

* With best wishes from (name withheld)…

From a post in the Rotorburn forums!


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