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Only 15 hours has passed since we posted, but already 2000+ riders have hit the website wanting positive action. Below are just a few of the comments that have already been received from around the globe…..thanks everyone so far! If you haven’t seen the form, click on the Save Outlook at the top of page!




To Whom It May Concern:

The Outlook, Highland Park Downhill course is well known even in the US, and followed by many around the globe in the mountain bike community. When visiting Australia it is one of the must see locations thus supporting local communities through tourism. It would be a great loss to many around the world if the structures that make the park so special were removed. It’s well known that the locals that have spent countless hours building and maintaining the structures at the park also care deeply about the cleanliness and natural features of the park doing as much as possible to reduce their footprint on the habitat for local wildlife. Moreover, they care greatly about rider safety and have implemented several safeguards to protect the riders in their community.

It would be a shame to see their hard work destroyed for concerns about liability risks when when there are well known tried and true mitigation strategies available as an alternative such as liability waivers, signage, etc… As seen in the BMX community in Australia and the downhill community in the US.

Please take the time to meet with and learn about the Outlook Riders Alliance. Please take the time to inform yourselves about the issue and alternatives to tearing down years of hard work. There are ways that the issue can be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. The Outlook Riders Alliance provide a safe and healthy activity for local young and old alike, and overseas visitors of Australia like me, so I respectfully ask you reconsider your decision and at least allow
representatives of the Outlook Riders Alliance to meet with you and present an alternative solution.

B(name withheld)
Ojai, CA, United States


This small pocket of land has been and will be the seed of inspiration for the elite of Downhill mountain biking. Without it, the future of world class riders from South East Queensland is set back many, many years and possibly for good. The short sightedness of the GCCC for not being involved in propagating this land after the vision and effort has been applied by enthusiasts at no cost to the GCCC shows that they haven’t done the research into what some tourists would travel to the Gold Coast to do. Look across the Tasman to see how many cities have reinvented themselves by embracing Downhill mountain biking.

D(name withheld)
New Beith. QLD. 4124

Anything you want to add?: this is one of the very few places in qld that skilled riders can access easily. Losing areas like this will slow the progression of our top riders.

M(name withheld)
Springfield Lakes


The outlook is synonymous with mountain bikers all over SEQ and has had pro riders from NZ and USA ride there. The work that is put into the trails shows the dedication and love we have for the sport of mountain biking and without a place like this we wouldn’t see the likes of Remy Morton and Max Warshawsky (junior SEQ riders that have both just signed professional contracts) be able to push there skills. The outlook is more than just dirt jumps, it brings people together and strengthens the mountain bike community. To flattern these trails really would be a dark day for mountain bikers all over SEQ, please reconsider.


S(name withheld)
Wavell Heights, 4012



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