Whats actually happening at the Outlook?

In light of recent comments on the news last Thursday, here is a clearer picture so that no one makes false assumptions about whats happening(and what has happened) @ the Outlook. We have know what is about to happen for two years now, everyone was advised of whats planned to happen.

Granted there are many who may not have been around during that time, we can understand the shock but there is no point on making assumptions and jumping the gun based off what someone has heard. The GCCC have been very honest us with us to date, informed us thoroughly of their intentions after the IMBA(International Mountain Bike Association) conducted an audit @ the Outlook. Just want to make it clear, that we are well aware of a some structures that are going to be removed. That does not mean the Outlook is getting demolished, nor does it mean they are closing it. There has been no indication that this is the case. An email was sent to local Councillors and the Mayor requesting urgent clarification on their planned actions.

We are planning to appeal this decision, below was the first post of many in relation to the current issue at hand.

Last night, ORA committee members (Michael, Shane and myself) attended a valuable meeting with the local council department members (thank you Naomi, Wayne, Brett and Nigel) to start the huge task solidifying the future of the Outlook.
The meeting started with a presentation of **sorts of the IMBA’s Final report to the GCCC regarding the Outlook and the tracks. From what we read inside it, it painted a glowing picture of the building practices used in many of the features/jumps/berms found within the park, but also pointed out several other areas requiring remedial works. **We were shown the report but wont receive our copy until next week.
The council were a lot more positive in their approach than some may think, however it is a delicate situation were they stand but they remained completely open to anything that we brought up. Until they final report is received, we wont elaborate too much but there is a huge potential for our park to continue with the same vision we have today.Be advised, there will be some changes made to the track in accordance with the IMBA report and is NOT a “heavy handed” approach of the GCCC, they are simply complying with the IMBA and their report. Some of the timber structures will be removed, however we cannot advise changes exactly are to happen and when this will happen until we read our copy of the IMBA report and further liaise with the GCCC.

For those of you wanting more information, including the IMBA report, use our contact us page to get in touch with us.


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