Update on Boomerang Farm

As many may know, ORA is currently discussing several key points at Boomerang Farm with the owners and the Div 9 Councilor for the GCCC. We are very pleased to inform everyone, that the Farm will resume regular riding on Sat. July 12th.

We are still on the negotiating table with the above mentioned parties and expect to have something permanent on the table in approx 10 days.
Just so everyone knows, no track work is to take place of any type, absolutely nothing of any kind. I quite simply cant stress this point enough. The reason for that will be explained at a meeting next week.

We will be planning a meeting open to all club members to attend late next week to openly discuss/form/action ideas and answer any questions. If you want to have a say in what goes on in the future, please come on down and have your say. Date time posted tomorrow as soon as we know(expect am). An event will be created here on Facebook!


Stay tuned.


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