Sunshine Series Round 3 @ Boomerang Farm, done and dusted! (Round 3 Results)

Well, not much left to be said……but yeewwww!

With the Outlook Riders Alliance hosting their first ever race, Boomerang Farm Golf Course was set alight by riders getting steezy, railing the hell out of everything in sight and if they weren’t going over the top, they were going over the bars!


Harrison Ryan enrolled for Class 101, Bug collecting at Boomerang Farm.

Once the briefing had taken place, everyone was keen to get amongst it and rallied up at the shuttle point to kick off the days practice. It wasn’t long before we had out first riders coming through and with guys already telling the ORA crew how good the track was after their first run, that’s when we knew we’d hit the nail on the head.


Shane Flower inspecting the high road the only way he knows.

It’s hard to imagine, but listening to the whistle blast’s by the track marshals sounded like a symphony of crickets as riders passed their positions at break neck speed. The marshals themselves probably also need some heavy chiro work after the day was done! Also need to add all the shuttle drivers to the physio list, sure there would be a few sore backs!


Tanya putting in some time down at DH5!

With Milo, Ben Power and Tracey Knight getting their mugs on TV, the NBN/Channel 9 crew were taken up to Caddyshack’s by Milo in Peter’s Patrol with the two ladies actually enjoy the ride in the seats in the custom built shuttle tray! Once on the spot, they managed to secure some pretty darn good footage and help propel the sport to a wider audience!

Channel 9/NBN coverage

After the lunchtime scramble at the BBQ and Boomerang Farm shop, there was nothing left apart from a few crumbs, but there was no more time for food, it was show time. Mick from BMS threw his truck’n’trailer into the mix to help out with the shuttles which was a lifesaver for the club more so for the riders so a massive.

It’s understandable a few guys thought a the some BMS were snaking the line but they were actually taking turns to drive the rig back down but giving up a practice run….so it was only fair that even though they were still taking seven or so other riders up! When they got back up, the stage was set for an awesome series of final runs!


Max Warshawsky dailed.

With all the classes making their final runs, there was a special day for one bloke, Kai Flower who raced his first ever race(followed by proud dad Shane), it was not hard to be pumped by it all, as he weaved his way down, the crowds along the way gave a massive roar. We’re sure Kai will be buzzing for days, if not weeks after this! Well done to the little shredder


Yeeeeww, Kai tearing into Caddyshacks! Thanks Mitch for the pic.

All the classes(Master’s, Vet’s, Sport’s(men and women), Expert, U15 and Hardtail) put on a massive show, apart from some minor crashes and even a few guys going off the bridge, the day went as planned. As the crowd started to gather at key spots, Caddyshacks was “the” place to be, massive heckles and random vikings….the place was nuts and really had everyone on the edge of the seats.


Focus just does not cut it at “Caddyshacks”, only committing will get you over it. Awesome pic by Akira Yamada.

With the U19’s punching there way down, everything was put on the line to grab top honours. Watching the new breed fly through sections like a hot knife through butter was pretty good considering the changed had changed considerable amounts. Lines were being cut in, braking bumps and ruts were taking shape….they made it look easy. The elites followed up with the dust only just settling again after the U19’s. These lads and ladies threw their rigs about using every part of the track to gain that split second upper hand.

If you were down at the rock chute or at “Alphabets” you would have seen some awesome riders just flat out railing it. If you were lucky enough to have a seat at “Caddyshacks”, there was more bucking than an angry bull at a rodeo and you could hear the hecklers for miles.


Loose unit and all round flipper, Samuel Fraser!


With the presentation having its own hiccup along the way, Milo with the help of the ORA crew and James King made it one not to forget. No sooner had all the elite crew popped the corks, Manda Lawrence gave us all something bigger, popping the question to her man, Brendan. Happy to say, he said yes and came up to the podium to take Manda’s side. Behalf of all the team, wish you two all the very best and thanks for making it a day to remember!

Without the generous help from the sponsors, this event can not have taken place and purely need to thanked no end. Without our members their family and friends, we could not have done it at all. Thank you for everything you have done to make it the success that it was. We only hope that we can do something for you guys on the same day.

One person that really put us in the picture, was Craig from Devine Digital Custom Stickers & Signs. His banners and stickers truly hit their mark and it it were not for the his hard work, everyone would still be thinking we would be racing at “Illinbah” still. Thanks mate!! You can find him here!

Now……results are here below!

All Others ResultsRND3

Elite M F U19 results

Overall All Category’s


These pics plus many above by Hayden Brooks….. check ’em all out here!










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