Sunshine Series Round 3 Updated Info!

Hey guys and gal’s.

Updated information for Race Day!

So all of you know, yes….. there is “on the day entry” but allow an extra $10. We do request that you get there as soon as you can, if you are registering on the day, that way we can focus on the bigger picture sooner! Like you all may know, this is the club’s first event and we don’t want to be bogged down with reg’s at the last minute.

After careful consideration, the extension of 30 mins to the practice time has been given. Considerations given were extensive and we have done our best to listen to suggestions and try to facilitate them. But I suggest you guys get there earlier to get the most out of race practice.

We are aware of the forecast and the rain that’s meant to be coming, there will be a few showers here and there, nothing of concern yet. We’ll update this with a final call Saturday afternoon. A small system south is approaching and has good volumes of the wet stuff but we think it will break up by the time it gets here(fingers crossed)

The shuttle plan, a new plan on how we shuttle there will be briefed on both Sunday and Monday. This way we can ensure no lags. This will(as everyone knows) is the key to a good day.

Hope your Friday is thinking about Monday!!

See ya there!


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