Sunshine Series Rd. 3 info update.

Yeah no…… yep!

With many questions asked about this weekend, just throwing this out there for people to be informed about the upcoming Round 3 race. There is no Saturday practice(we always seen the Sat as a bonus), only Sunday/Monday because the owners couldn’t reschedule other events at short notice which is understandable.

There is no camping on-site(will be requesting for future events) however, will be canvassing around to see what we can find for those keen. There is plenty of camp/caravan parks on the coast, many 20-25 mins away from the event. eg:There is one 300metres from my place in Main Beach and takes me 25 mins.

Shuttle rigs required for race, those rigs/owners will be compensated for their trouble. We are accruing a mass of volunteers and will be able to allocate them as drivers.

The 8 weeks we have had to organise this event has not been easy, but without your understanding, it would have been downright impossible.

Cheers guys.

Queensland MTB website/ race info and entry> click here


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