Outlooks first ever “Open Day” wrap!

The start of it all!

Before anything is else is said, this goes out to all the people who have pitched in, helped out or just supported the cause the best they could, t could not have been done without you! This also goes out to the staff of Boomerang Farm Golf Course, Cr Glenn Tozer and many of the Gold Coast City Council reps for making this possible!

Start of it all! Shane with Cr Glenn Tozer

Start of it all! Shane and Neil(taking the pic) with Cr Glenn Tozer


Sunday 1st June marks a pretty awesome day for the club, holding it’s first official(and legal) “Open Day” and it turned out to be a cracker! After some finishing touches done over the weekend, the stage was set and ready to be railed. After the rider briefing, 55 riders got the giddy up and shuttles commenced and got down to business!

Doppo and Reidy

Doppo and Reidy

The first shuttles down the final stretch gave some drivers some heart stopping moments as the previous nights rain had left moisture in the recently cut grass, making a slide that Wet’n’Wild would be jealous of. Milo got the rake out and cleared the track at first notice, stopping any possible carnage.

BMS crew heading up

BMS crew heading up

With the riding under way, didn’t take long the the guys to christen the new line passing the 6th tee and pushing over the 15th tee step down and into the finish area. Many of the crew mentioned how good it was, particularly the final section leading through the last forest with it’s quirky rollers.

Teeing off at the 15th!

Teeing off at the 15th!

Through out the day, a lot of guys were scratching their heads with the evil setup in “Caddyshacks” and sessions were had just to find a line that worked. This is a very dynamic part of the track as it’s possible to change the layout of this section due to the materials used. After some comments made, we going to look into making it even better!



Come lunch time, guys were keen to get some food down, plenty of boys enjoying a beer or three down at the bar whilst a mad rush on the BBQ had the guys chowing down some snags. It wasn’t too long before we got going again for the afternoon session, getting down and dirty with a full gut must have been fun.





During the course of the day, the golfers seemed to be getting a buzz from what they seen and they were pretty keen to see the action next week! With Chris and Bob on overwatch duties, they managed to get the word out amongst the people!

Have to thank everyone for making their way down, getting loose and showing the GC a good time! As a club, we learned a lot from the day and will be sharper when next week rolls around. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!

More pictures on Facebook> https://www.facebook.com/groups/392640820769599/photos/

If you haven’t joined yet…….what are you waiting for!! > https://outlookridersalliance.wordpress.com/join-now/

Lastly, this could not been a success without Chris and Bob and their unrivaled drive and enthusiasm!

A massive shout out to the Gasoline Alley(Website) for the snags and bread, this support is undeniably awesome!



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