Sunshine Series Round 3 details/entry.

Well, the day is fast approaching so we need to get cracking. >> Round 3 online entry here!

June 1st will see Boomerang farm open for the first time, top to bottom…….and we are totally pumped on it!

With it’s unique track layout down the bottom section, it is sure to create a buzz for riders and spectators alike! For you riders, a detailed brief of the days(both Open day and Race Weekend) will be online in the coming days. With special thanks to the Gold Coast City Council and Boomerang Farm Golf Course but not forgetting that this would not have been possible without the amazing efforts of a our track builders!


Sponsors Wanted!

OUTLOOK RIDERS is hosting the 3rd Round of the 2014 Yakima Sunshine Series on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (June 8&9). This series involves over 200 riders & we are expecting a huge amount of guests & spectators. The race will be held at the “Boomerang Farm” Golf Course in Mudgeeraba.

We have over 1.5 kilometres of track full of spectacular features & prime positions for your business name to be focused on. Photos & video from the event will be broadcast worldwide & locally via internet, print & video streaming services.

We are offering packages in all shapes & sizes for those of you who wish to support our event.

For further info, click here to contact Chris(Liaison Officer) an email and he can discuss the details!!


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