This weekends dig wrap, “Caption this” comp!

A massive weekend with a massive crew! Thanks to everyone that made their way down to get dirty, guys steezy on the FR line and railing it on “Rodneys”, another memorable weekend!


We all know a lot of guys have been out digging week in/week out….but this has to be said. Without the your hand on the shovel or rake this wouldn’t be happening, so before thanking Milo or Shane or any of the guys you see running the show, stop and thank yourself or ya mate(you could do that with a beer *ginger ale for you young ‘uns) because we wouldn’t be in this position without you.

The dig covered a good 80 percent of the fire trail, Shane led a crew up the trail and what an awesome job came from it. While those fella’s were doing a slog, Milo and Wello were busy rebuilding a section of the second big berm. The lads rock anchored the berm and capped it nicely, it’ll be sure to see out the hundreds of runs it is about to see!

When the call to bikes was made, Shane had some lunch with his boys and Milo was left to take a joyride and after speaking with Shane, reshaped a lower section of the fire trail. Shane came back soon enough to show his “Kubota Kata” with Milo tidying up with the Fire Rake!

The shuttles should be enough to pack in the fresh sections, next week should bring some rain the big guns are coming out. Stay tuned.

Once again guys……thanks a lot!!




Simon and Wello







Outlook shirt to the funniest caption!!

Outlook shirt to the funniest caption in this pic our mate Matt, hitting the new set-up in “Caddyshacks”……probably more like stumbling! Your captions need to be made on this page in the comment box below. Good luck, the one that makes us here laugh the most wins! Winner announced this Friday.



9 thoughts on “This weekends dig wrap, “Caption this” comp!

  1. ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night
    And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike
    You know it’s thriller, thriller night
    You’re fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight

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