This weekends wrap, better than soy sauce on fried dim sims!


It is always the way, there is a time and place for everything to fit into place and this weekend was it!

With the Plush crew hitting Boomerang Farm on Saturday, a few of the crew got out and took some pic’s! If you have not seen them yet, check for Milo’s here or check out Dwayne Bridgland’s awesome pics here.
Sundays dig/ride crew finished the “shuttle loop” with a track cut in to take out the 135 degree turn at the bottom and make it an easier turn. While that was taking place, a few of the lads were up top removing a few over hanging branches, big thanks to Peter for bringing out a chainsaw and making it a much easier task!

Lastly, Reece got his mojo in check and managed to tick the box on the 40 Footer, thus securing his place alongside Lenny as a “nutter”. The crew had an awesome days ride, below are some of the vids of the day.

Only a few more weeks and it is showtime!!

Thanks guys!

Dalton’s edit: >
Trent’s edit: >




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