World Cup T-shirt comp on again, can someone bag ’em this time?


The Outlook Riders Alliance are celebrating the upcoming “Sunshine Series” race (thanks to QLD Mountainbike, Yakima and Nomad Turkish Bakery) and the UCI World Cup in Cairns this weekend and we want to give some shirts away! Simply guess who is going to take out the the top 3 final spots in Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s in Cairns World Cup final(This Saturday)! Pretty straight forward right? Here how submissions need to be made, just copy the example below and paste it(change it to your answers) in the “got something to say” comment box at the bottom of this page.

One shirt for Male, one for Female and one for U-15′s to giveaway!

Answers not accepted on our Facebook page.
Answers must be posted in the comment box below(on this page).
For you blokes, you must get the Male category right and most correct guesses in the Female category in case of a tie breaker. (vice versa for females entrants).
In case of a dead heat(6 correct answers), the first one to answer a simple trivia question will be deemed the winner.

Good luck!


Milo’s choice.


1st: M.Hannah
2nd: Gwin
3rd: Brosnan


1st: Atherton
2nd: Myriam
3rd: Charre


4 thoughts on “World Cup T-shirt comp on again, can someone bag ’em this time?

  1. Mens:
    1 – Aaron Gwin
    2 – Mick Hannah
    3 – Troy Brosnan

    1 – Rachel Atherton
    2 – Tracey Hannah
    3 – Emmeline RAGOT

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