Busy week of meetings for the Outlook committee!

The Outlook committee met on Tuesday night to go through several topics and while the important aspect of the night was not forgotten, it was a good chance to catch up over a beer with everyone.

Present: Brendan Kovarik, Manda Jane, Neil Fitzgerald, Chris Erbs and Shane Flower.
Apologies: Bob Davis, Ryan Hunter.

In brief, the topics covered:

1. Roles/Responsibility calibration.

  •     Basically the committee is streamlining its in-house roles of the committee to better align with the needs of the club.

2. MTBA update/Affiliation intro on the event books.

  •     Milo provided and update to the committee regarding the MTBA books and summary sheets.

3. Impending Boomerang tenure signing.

  •     The Boomerang Farm owners are currently working on paperwork for the club to sign to a secure a 1 year “Right of use” with a review 2 months prior to the end of every term.

4. NAMU meeting notes.

  •     Discussion regarding Shane and Milo’s last meeting with the NAMU office, discussed other areas on the radar to promote DH/FR to the wider community and whilst bolstering local council support. The committee decided to call a meeting for all club members to discuss ongoing issues at “The Outlook” and expect a post to be made sometime this week to have a date/location.

5. Discussion/plan for building membership.

  •     Brief conversation about looking at ways to promote membership and sponsorship packages(this will be ongoing). Chris and Milo will be meeting throughout the week to work a strategy out.

6. Sponsors/Liaison development.

  •     As per the above topic.

7. Clare from GCCC Sport Economics office.

  •     Milo meet with Clare and Leanne (Industry Development Officers/niche tourism and sport) from the GCCC Economic Development and Major Projects team on Wednesday afternoon. The focus was to provide information to the GCCC to enable them to create an accurate “business case” on the club and the DH/FR scene. The ideas and prospects of the club, its directions in the way of land management (non-commercial or commercial) and where the club strengths and weaknesses lay. A highly productive meeting with a lot of positives and a great step forward to the future of DH/FR on the GC.Leanne, Clare and Neil  .

8. FR and/or Urban DH events.

  •     Discussed ideas ranging from the suggested FR event to a “Urban DH” event, the committee supports the ideas and will progressively work to stitch them together. We hope to have some further plans over the coming weeks.

9. Mudgreeba Street Party.

  •     The Street Party is in a weeks time and we will be supplying details to everyone later today as we only just got the confirmation and details from the event team on Monday night. The purpose of the day is to promote the club and raise interest/awareness of what we do to increase local support.

Feel free to add your thoughts or suggestion on the clubs future plans by clicking here!

Stay tuned, we shall be throwing out dates for everyone to decide on when to meet.

Cheers everyone.



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