Todays media shoot for Boomerang Farm!

The rain the night before was unsettling, but it was a good chance we might just have a dry patch while the guys and gals suit up for the media shoot at Boomerang Farm. We attended to help promote Boomerang Farms 20th year in business which will also coincide with fundraiser to help the farmers with drought relief. The crew rocked up and did a check of the track, no sooner had they done that it was a call to suit up as the filming was about to start.


Hollywood puts Mr Ed back in his place!



The crew chilling out while “Hollywood” gets his photo done


Hollywood has amazing balance on one wheel!


Practice run


Line up

With the guys lined up on the 9th fairway(Ironic that I just saw the Metal Mulisha video on a golf course last night!), they had a few runs until the the camera crew were happy with a good shot. It basically had them ride in somewhat of a formation with a horse and a fitness team, it was pretty funny to watch.


IMG_0156 IMG_0139 IMG_0184 IMG_0199


Once that was done, the crew headed up to “Alphabets” to get some shots of the big hip with the photographer from the Gold Coast Bulletin. To say it was slippery was an understatement. The photographer himself coming to grief(partly due to slick gripped shoes) and nearly did a backflip on the slippery clay track prior to getting a shot. You couldn’t help to laugh a little but with all that camera gear, you would have been a ruthless soul to not feel downright sorry for the guy. Like a trooper, he got up and managed to get some cracker shots of the lads and expect to see them sometime soon(few days)!




Mat Dodd nailing it first time up!


Andrew(Hollywood) getting some more time in the limelight!


Reece Carter always has the goods!


All in all, a great plug for the club. Without the assistance of the King Brothers(Boomerang Farm), both Channel 9 and the Gold Coast Bulletin we wouldn’t be able to show off a little of our hard work. Thanks Wayne, Oliver, Mat, Greg, Jess, Tom, Reece, Andrew(Hollywood), Andrew(Whitey), Bob, Dan and Paul for rocking up. Hope you guys had a fun session after all of that, sure looked so much fun!


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