Hot off the press: British Cycling bans wearable cameras from races | Wideopen Magazine

Let us just hope that this stupidity never makes it here.

GoPro’s, Drift, Contour and Sony cameras are making our sport viewable to so many, but there is no doubt some use it against our sport. The Brits have banned any rider from wearing a mounted camera during their events, what are your thoughts? Click the link below and read what is happening in the UK!

Hot off the press: British Cycling bans wearable cameras from races | Wideopen Magazine.


5 thoughts on “Hot off the press: British Cycling bans wearable cameras from races | Wideopen Magazine

  1. I guess I can understand where they’re coming from if they’re getting sued because of accidents that have happened, but I think they’ll regret it in the long run. No cameras = less publicity.
    My personal opinion… pretty stupid not to let riders wear a camera. Let people do what they want. If they crash, get it on tape, and sue BC, so be it. I think people are smart enough to know what is their fault and what is BC’s fault if an accident does happen.

    • Too true Hannah. The thing that we have here is a disclaimer and that is at every race meet. Excludes land owners/event staff/clubs from any responsibility. Do you have these over there?

      It would really throw us back in the stone ages and anyone wanting to get a taste of DH would have to rely on coverage from TV. Which you may not know is as rare as hens teeth here ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Yeah all the local races here have liability and disclaimer forms we fill out, so any fault is our own. I guess BC changed their new policy a bit and they now say cameras are okay during practice only, but you have to adhere to certain guideline even during practice. Still doesn’t make sense they can’t run cameras during an actual race run though.

      • Hey, thanks for the heads up on the updated decision. Totally agree, makes no sense whatsoever! The funny thing is if they ever get the chance to get World Cup riders to their racers, many will not race knowing that their sponsors expect them to film the race ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Thanks again mate!

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