Outlook on TV? Tomorrow at the Farm!


Not really, but we can only dream right? After meeting James at Boomerang Farm yesterday, during our short chat he said they were holding a media day on Wednesday, it was at exactly the same time our eye’s widened as we both thought(loosely) of the same thing! James was quick to invite us to the Farm tomorrow to do some of our stuff. A great opportunity for some extra promotion for both ORA and Boomerang Farm!

Fred and Barney

Fred and Barney

For you guys attending tomorrow.

We need to meet in the car park at 9am. We ask that two or three guys walk the fire trail to the top and do a track check(both fire trail and Rodneys Run) for a “condition of park” appraisal. You riders that hit the “Alphabets” hip and “Aarons Crack”, could you possibly do a check on that thanks? Would be a huge benefit to take a few of those soft plastic rakes to clean the line into it.  Then, about 10am the action should start happening, the media content is not solely focused on us and as James said, we’ll could also possibly be riding with a horse and runner as this is for the “Fundraiser” in a couple of weeks.

What to bring:

  • Bike/full riding gear….of course!
  • Outlook shirt…..of course!
  • A change of clothes just in case!

Note: The rain may hamper things and its bordering a downpour tomorrow so fingers crossed. Neil wont be there until about 9:15 due to work, but if there are any issue’s, please call him.

Cheers guys.



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