Todays dig at Boomerang Farm 23/3

What a cracker day it turned out to be!

Both Shane and Mitch got in like the early birds as usual, putting some big time into the bearers of the lower bridge! At 8 am when the rest of the guys hit the tools, it did not take long before the “lower g-out” bridge was coming to life! Things were starting to look great, but something was missing and no one could think what it was.



Azza and Travis spent the day log hunting, Travis(thanks dad!) had brought his chainsaw down and and it was well needed. Fallen trees stood no chance and anything laying on its side was a prime candidate for ‘a cutting’! The lads probably cut and moved enough timber that a pro-lumberjack would have been put to shame, awesome effort lads!


With the main group focusing on the bridge, two likely lads, Mick and Simon hit the berm into the first road gap after Milo found it had retained water on the morning track check. Simon dug a hole from the back of berm and with a couple of jabs with the crowbar to penetrate the hole dug, the water disappeared quickly.  The boys discussed the options, then a “french drain” was placed mid berm to prevent water build up happening again. Mick scraped the top layer off the water logged soil(mud) and its was filled with rocks soon after! After plenty of runs today, definitely a great job by these guys, it held together with the wheels that hit it later in the day. Awesome work lads!

Mick and Simon giving a pose.

Meanwhile, Bob, Greg and Jess were down at the mini g-out not far after the lower bridge and trying to pull some soil off the crest to give us a base for a small gap. This one may turn into a mini step up but that depends on a few things.


Then we found Carl……”The Baron” had a big night the night before and was forced to seek shelter anywhere he could. But got to give it too him, he eventually woke and got into the dig with the lads before having a mad session with the rest of us after lunch! The BBQ went down like a treat, a full esky of water and soft drinks were gone by the end of the day and then a few beers down at the Boomerang Farm bar!


Thanks to everyone for an awesome day(Greg, Jess, Bob, Shane, Mitch, Brandon, Simon, Azza, Andrew, Paul, Travis, Mick, Carl, Dan, Nathan, Oliver, Daina and particularly Wayne and Simon for the shuttles afterwards, made a huge difference!


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