Yesterdays meeting with the GCCC/NAMU office.

Shane and myself met with Tim, Naomi and Brett from the GCCC(NAMU office) yesterday to be updated on various matters but to also update(below) them on the Outlooks progress at both “The Outlook” and Boomerang Farm.

As you may recall some time ago we asked you all “what features would people like to see in a bike park” and provided this information to council 6 months ago. The GCCC reported back to us based on the councils study on additional local parks/public reserves that suit our sport and include geographical features suitable to our sport, a list of 15 possible venues was tabled. This was narrowed down to viable options after local considerations were taken into account. We are excited to see the GCCC actively making a progressive steps towards our sport and the MTB scene in general. More details to come soon.

ORA president updated the NAMU staff on recent club activities and memberships.

“Since we last meet,the Outlook riders has gained 61 social members and since affiliation with the National body(MTBA) only last week, we have 4 members who have bought their race licence through our club, however we do expect many more of the coming weeks. The club has regular maintained regular dig/rides at Boomerang Farm as well as regular meetings with the owners covering topics of track lines/integration with the golfers and other associated elements of running such a place. The first DH line is nearing completion and the initial stages of the Freeride line featuring a 40/50 foot gap has started.

ORA has maintained a natural/organic approach to the building process acquiring products from on-site(ie fallen trees/soil)however small amounts of timber have been brought in to complete various features and keep the sustainability and natural integrity of the terrain and ensure longevity of the features. Since that date we have managed to achieve unwavering support from the local rider community as well as other organisations. We have been approached from different groups and individuals requesting attendance or consultation, ie: The planned “Guanaba Experience”, we have been consulting over plans including a site tour with the owner. The Mudgreeba Street Party, a chance for us to expose who we are to a wider(yet local) group, gain interest for MTB’ing in general and answer questions about the sport/club.

The original Outlook @ Kirribilli Park has not been forgotten. Shane holds regular fine tuning on the jumps often used and inspects features often to ensure the lines run well and safely. A clean up(rubbish) day has been discussed and we anticipate holding a small BBQ/ride day there to help generate interest.”

Neil discussed and requested the GCCC investigate taking a similar approach to the TMBC club/council when it comes to track auditing and the IMBA. The end result would be a financial and time saving opportunity for both parties. The NAMU office will be following up on this request once Neil has forwarded some contact details to Brett.

Important: >>>>   GCCC works at the Outlook

Brett informed us that the GCCC plan to start pre-planned work as well as fire hazard reduction(10 metre buffer from properties) at the Outlook mid next week riders should be advised to keep a safe distance from and adhere to the posted signage that will be in place over the coming days. This will include the accepted and agreed upon track closure to the “new-new” line. Updates will follow in the coming days. Site map and details>> Click Here

Both Shane and Neil(as were the NAMU staff!) were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and appreciate the time given by the GCCC/NAMU office for our club/community/sport. Be mindful the club will be arranging a meeting for all club members in the coming weeks to discuss matters at hand. Some items of discussion have not been posted due to the confidential nature of the topic.

Thanks guys.


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