The Outlook crews massive Sunday!

What a massive day for the guys!

With one crew of 11 heading out to Mt.Joyce in the wee hours of the morning, the Boomerang crew were still dreaming about their dig! Pretty incredible results too!

For those that went to Mt.Joyce for the “Gravity Enduro”, its was pretty much go from the start, with Curls and Rachael looking after the car park and the remaining nine members getting the BBQ and tent all sorted! After positions on the track had been sorted(one person at the start and finish on all four lines), some of the crew got shuttled to their spots and the race started shortly after.

Carl and Daina probably had the best spots getting to see some good action, located in the “Widow makers chute”, Daina had to manage two crashes in under 1 minute and that resulted in Wayne(Widow makers start) stopping riders for approx 20 minutes at his checkpoint.

Keeping tabs on the BBQ though out the day, seems like Sasha and Rachael were flat out and did an amazing job! Little Wellsy also managed to control the finish line checkpoint and the move to the BBQ and absolutely making a massive impression on the event staff and riders alike, for a girl her age it was quite simply amazing! Sasha… are a little legend!

We need to thank Elissa and the team from Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson (3445 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek >> Website) for the amazing support, truly without her input and sourcing of the food, this could not have gone as well! When two lost souls(Milo and Chris) met on Thursday to discuss food, Elissa took control and put us on the right path!! The butcher used for the meat should also be recommended as everyone said how good the Chicken Burgers and Kebabs were!

Jim, Carl, Bob, Chris, Daina and Sasha, Curls and Racheal, Wayne and Oliver……thanks you for a massive day you put in for the club!!!


The crew who hit Boomerang Farm got in early to beat the heat, Mitch and Shane started on the 40/50 and once everyone arrived, went down to the lower g-out to help complete the lower bridge. Even with the massive amount of soil moved from previous digs, there was a lot more to be moved and the boys put an amazing effort in to have the entry side of the bridge complete.


Sounds like the lads hit the track and snagged a few good runs in, like this one here from Reece! Video here

Thanks to everyone one who helped out on Sunday at both Mt. Joyce and the Boomerang Farm Gravity Park……it was awesome! Just so you know, the club raised just under $500 for our efforts at Mt. Joyce!!!! The Outlook guys definitely left a great impression on the EMS(Event team) and the riders in general. On a side note, our Chicken Burgers seem to be the talk of the town, thanks to Elissa for getting these bad boys and to Rachael and Sasha for being Master Chefs!! 😉
To see the EMS write up, click here!

Cheers guys!


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