Big day out for the Outlook crew!


Firstly……a massive thanks to these guys! Azza, Shane, Dan, Pickle, Carl and Scott for their awesome work at Boomerang Farm today and to Oliver, Ryan and also Wayne(later in the day). Also need to shout out to Kurt from the GCMTB club for his help this morning!

The guys at Boomerang Farm have made some pretty big changes to the line after the rock chute, thus bringing more speed into the bridge crossing in the multi choice steps/hip jump. Make sure you do a decent check ride to get familiar with it before hitting it with speed.

Ryan, Milo and Oliver put in some good yards at the official opening of Old Tambo, with a big turnout there was a lot of interest in the Outlook arena. We signed up a new member also, Gavin….who unfortunately came to grief around “pinballs” and dislocated his ankle along with three breaks! The club wish him a speedy recovery. We should we also add, welcome to the club mate 😉


Hats off to Harvey Power for being a massive voice of the DH scene, to Div 5 Cr Tracey Gilmore for a recognizing the efforts by the Outlook Riders Alliance and the GCMTB and the Gold Coast City Council for acting on and for the massive future in DH/MTB on the Gold Coast.

It was also awesome to see so many Outlook members up there! Eddie, Nathan, Wayne, Oliver, Simon and Brandon to name a few! Thanks guys and see you all soon. IMG_9349










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