The Outlook crew getting some signage!

The Outlook crew get pretty!

After the decision to head up to Mt Tambo for the official opening has literally thrown the cat amongst the pigeon’s. But without the help from these fine people, we could not have been in a better position!

  • Daina Wells, who we all know and love! Plush Mountain Bike Servicing, 0468 335 766
  • Chris from Galvanize Clothing(Facebook) for the logo!
  • Chris Wells from Wells Ads(Website) for orchestrating our signs!
  • And lastly, Paul Shannon from Signmakers(Website) for producing the signs!

Signmakers literally churned out our banners overnight and we simply cant thank them enough! Thanks guys!

To everyone else, thank you so much for your support


2 thoughts on “The Outlook crew getting some signage!

  1. This is awesome news and I’m stoked as. But I do hink we need a redesign of the outlook logo/name… I’ve shown off my shirt to many people and noone outside the riding community can read it. Unless you’ve heard of the outlook. It doesn’t make sense. People just don’t get that the rider is the T. I have had a lot of people tell me this. I personally love how it looks but if it doesn’t work……. What you reckon? I am inclined to agree

    • Hey Carl, the shirt was put together by riders and the final design chosen by the riders. We surely didn’t anticipate getting feedback like what you said, so we’ll have to look at it the next time we do a run of shirts.

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