Outlook track closure/rectification

Outlook track closure/rectification

Receiving a call from the GCCC(NAMU) office last week and a subsequent email, I was advised of the intention to carry out intended works to close a section of the new line(runs under the top line) and the need to rectify it after it crosses near the 40 footer.

Your input is required, any thoughts and possible resolutions are welcome. Your comments will be sent to us by filling in the comment section below this post. The committee expect to be meeting the GCCC early in the week and walk through the parts affected by this report for discussion and resolution planning.

Below are the details on the report. I have included a picture to assist some in understanding the areas of concern. An update will be posted here after out meeting and actions that will be taken.

3A WPs: 80 – 94
3B WPs: 95 – 104
Line 3A was noted to be very new at the time of the onsite trail assessment. It is of poor design and construction. IMBA Au recommends immediate
closure of this section of trail. Line 3B can be modified and upgraded to become
the Most Difficult (Black Diamond) option of the trail facility. (See Appendix B) As with Line 2, this redeveloped line can start at WP 13 or at current junction at WP 95.

Priority 1 Tasks:
· Close and rehabilitate section 3A
· Enhance and expand trail armouring on 3B
· Re-route trail at WP 101 to avoid high fall hazard
· Install caution signs at vehicle access track crossing at WP 102


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