Wrap up from todays meeting at Boomerang Farm and this weekends build.

Meeting at Boomerang Farm:

Today’s meeting with James, Gaye and Cindy at Boomerang Farm has solidified many aspects of how the park is to be managed and provided extra possibilities allowing us to potentially get more out of our digs days.

Firstly, after listening to a few of the crew, we suggested after hours digging. We are glad to announce we have managed to secure after hours digging(after the close of business). Its comes with a few rules however and considering we will be locking the main gate at days end and the responsibility given to us, it wont be hard to follow! This is a massive bonus for those of us who keen to dig after hours.

  • A committee member must be present at the time
  • A plan must be in place stating the intentions/features
  • Digging will be on selective days(refer to updates here or FB)
  • Works to finish at a practical time where there is still enough light to navigate safely back down without headlights(common sense applies here)
  • All the personal must be signed in at the shop prior to dig

Secondly, the discussion on prices for general/member entry was discussed and both parties were immensely satisfied on its outcome. The price chart will be uploaded in the next day or two. Those members who elect to get this years race licence or just join our club via MTBA website will also receive a shirt(fresh design) and will receive a generous discount on park entry.  However, this comes with a catch as only 100 memberships will be available at this point and as always, these spots will not last too long. When you do a break down of the prices, you’ll be wishing you were riding everyday!

Others topics discussed were more administrative and would probably bore many of you but for those interested, online bookings was one thing we discussed and essentially a great way for us(the club) and Boomerang Farm to monitor and manage the flow. More to come on that at a later time once we get around the technical nature of it all. Another topic was an amazing amount of interest from prospective sponsors literally throwing themselves at us….or James should I say(many thanks to James for initiating that).



Australia Day weekend build:

This weekends build brought significant gains toward the long term goals. The DH diggers got busy on both Saturday and Sunday, whilst the Freeride line crew got busy building what many have probably seen already, the “biggest frikken jumps” ever! Conditions for most part were ideal, some pretty small doses of rain here and the temp’s were down to a good level.

After moving what seemed a mountains worth of dirt, the level went up a notch and the Freeride line is set to get people talking. Once you cast eyes on the “40 into 50” jumps, you’ll probably not think the same us again. A massive thanks you to Rob and Shane for time spent behind the controls of the excavator and also all the crew that were just there helping out in any way possible.

But building this line has also made us aware that sometimes a minor miscommunication or different opinion’s can have dramatic effect and can take it’s toll. So, to remove any ambiguity we have decided to bring specific set of guidelines to enable our work to be for a common goal.

  • Each dig day will have specific plans and objectives, our Track Director Shane will explain them at the start of each dig. At that point of time,if there is a difference of opinion, make sure you let it be known by talking to Shane directly. Also, feel free to speak with him mid-week if you have an idea for the next dig day.
  • No machinery to be organised or brought on-site unless the club committee have been notified beforehand. Those machines used on-site will only be operated by qualified operators/ticket holders.
  • Any machinery hired is at your cost unless the committee have been notified, we are always willing to compensate anyone who pays for things to get Boomerang going but the club has to allocate funds to do so. We greatly appreciate everyone’s effort and donations, but please do not expect these to “add weight” to your opinion or ideal’s.
  • Conflicts of interest can and will arise from time to time, that’s normal. If an issue has the potential to flare up and needs addressing, speak openly with the person involved. If you cant do that, call the the club president to discuss the matter.
  • A reminder, if you do not sign in, you are not doing what the club has discussed with the owners on each dig day. Please sign in, ‘n grab a beer for Lenny while your at it!
  • Lastly, the cutting down of any tree/s needs to have an OK before it can be done. Please consult with Shane prior to doing so.

Thanks for everyone’s efforts this weekend, it was pretty darn amazing! Until next weekend, stay steezy!


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