What did you do this Australia Day, this is what we did!

The lads put everything on the line today, getting the most from the excavator and using every moment of it’s time on the park to our advantage. DCIM101GOPRO 

Rob, Ryan, Shane, Mitch, Nick and Carl, Dale and Dan x 2 for yesterdays effort (hope we didn’t forget anyone?) put a crazy amount of work in to make something to make everyone start drooling over.


The Freeride line has started to take shape, probably better referred to as an obscene one. The quarry area has a mind blowing 40 foot(which has a blind lander) into a 50 foot. The guys were pressing hard to get as much done today, drawing the ride line further back up the hill during the course of the afternoon. (*insert Ryan, his rig and his unique rolling-in technique!)


Whilst all the above was happening, another crew were working incredibly hard to clear the line further towards the end. A tree had also made its presence known coming down during the last storm and landing right on our planned line, the lads did an amazing job to clear it today! Without Dave, Peter, Matt, Dylan, Bob, Paul and Milo’s(also Reece and Chris for starting the line yesterday), the tracks completion would seem miles away.


If you have not been to Boomerang Farm, you better get down quick and watch dirt transform into a masterpiece!

More pic’s and vid’s to follow….. here is one of Dylan and Milo doing one last run.


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