Boomerang Farm Freeride line taking shape!

Boomerang Farm Freeride line taking shape!


With special thanks to Chris, Reece, Rob, Mitch, Nick, both Dan’s, Scott, Dale, Shane, Daina and Lenskwa for showing up and getting amongst it all.

The effort on Saturday was made easier due to the rain having fallen over the last 48 hours and leaving the soil in prime digging condition, that’s not saying that it was easy for the lads as the rain ambushed the crew throughout the day. Sundays “Australia Day” dig will be fairly relaxed day out with the last 150 metres of track to be cut away on Rodneys Run. The boys intend on getting the most out of the excavator today, cutting and shaping as much as possible on the freeride line. Plenty is going on so if you can get out there, would be awesome to see you all!! If you cant, have an awesome day just the same!

Thanks for everything so far lads, looking amazing!


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