Outlooks 10th dig/ride day wrap up!

Sunday presented us with a smaller than usual crew, but in no way did that hold back the motivation of getting the job done. The goal of the day had changed from cutting the last section to rectifying some of the existing bottom sections that were recently cut as we felt it was a little too slow and some corners/features needed work to maintain speed.

After the first road gap, the track was shaved down in area’s to give more straight-line speed into the next fire-trail crossing. With the rectifications made to the features on the newer section, riders should notice a much better speed throughout but its full potential wont be known until it gets packed down after some rain…..praying for bucket loads of it!

Most of the guys got to meet Scott and Matty during the dig for the first time (Scott being an Outlook local and Matty had driven down from Ipswich) and quickly they blew a few minds when both of them hit the track for the first run.  Azza Lawrence

The entry into the rock chute now is starting to get better (or worse if getting crazy ain’t your thing!) and was testy for a few of us, Bob nearly came to grief in the chute, Reece living up to his reputation after he managed a fairly decent off at the bottom of the rock chute and gave himself a quick tour of the creek bed! (See pic below 🙂 ) Milo’s last run down was cut short when his rear tyre decided to leave the rim in the fast section after “Aarons Crack”.


Shane and some of the lads checked out the Freeride line and it is quickly becoming evident how crazy things will be getting in the near future. Shane will be getting a team together for this line and expect a start on it in the coming weeks.

Awesome amount of work done by the crew in such a small time, thanks everyone for a bloody amazing effort. Thanks to Curls(Dwayne) and Kerry(Bob’s mate) for coming out and grabbing some pics, Curls is not shy on the digging part either! 😉   Their photo’s are posted below!

Thanks to Dwayne Bridgland Photography for these pics below!

1598005_521211131311081_158356449_o1606303_521211837977677_1658586955_o 1537946_521212211310973_675143932_o 1529867_521212387977622_1674908446_o 1523125_521211854644342_1779189412_o 1522628_521211991310995_960457671_o 1518473_521211884644339_2057691527_o 1014835_521212417977619_901988398_o 1047953_521211031311091_1491874961_o 1490594_521212071310987_1846433439_o 1492150_521212494644278_141431219_o 1504200_521212474644280_771315123_o 1507262_521211061311088_2019437327_o 1518338_521211974644330_1555014045_o 858087_521211021311092_780613339_o 1047953_521211031311091_1491874961_o 1014835_521212417977619_901988398_o 858087_521211021311092_780613339_o

Thanks to Kerry Turner for these pics below!

DSC_3721resized DSC_3725resized DSC_3715resized DSC_3711jpg resized DSC_3710rersized DSC_3708resized DSC_3707resized DSC_3691resized DSC_3694modresized DSC_3699resized DSC_3700 jpg resized DSC_3701resized


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