Outlooks Boomerang Farm dig and ride!

Nothing less than awesome!

The crew that turned out, the ride afterwards…….just great.  Twenty eight eager, happy and pumped crew turned out to today’s dig/ride. We also signed up some new members, Dave, Peter and Matt, welcome boys! Oh wait….even Dalton joined! 🙂

While Shane gave the low down to many of them down on the lower section, Milo took a few guys up top to collect any tools and also do a track clean/check. Thanks to CK’s idea, Mitch and Nick started work on the big hip just after the rock chute bridge (“Hooters”), it wasn’t long before Nathan, Ryan and Jack were up there helping out too. Claudio and Paulo made it a family affair by bringing out the troops, was an awesome sight to see.

With most the remaining guys and girls, most of the features started getting the attention required a truckload of dirt moved. There was massive amounts of work completed today and could not have been done without you all.

Bob and the boys cleared a line to push the bikes back up to the fire trail, just so you all know, the current end of ride line finishes in a gully(creek bed), just push up the trail made to get up back up to the the fire trail.

To everyone who came out today, thanks for your blood, sweat and crappy jokes! The track we managed to cut today was incredible and over the next week or two…..we will see the light at the bottom!

Thanks again.


Ged and Michael steezy run.

Aaron and Milo’s pre-season grudge battle!


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