Todays meeting at Boomerang Farm

Todays meeting at Boomerang Farm

After what was a successful and at times, extremely funny meeting for all of us, the game plan has been set. The Outlook Riders Alliance would really like to thanks James for his time today, the depth and “outside the square” thinking gave us a all something to think about.

We have come out of the meeting with an amazing array of additional features including an amazing step down boosting riders 30+ feet, that the owners(Yep, James, Rob and staff) suggested opening up another line to the bottom. Shane and I pointed out our planned future lines and features, all of this was received extremely well.

Car parking was also covered as well as topics including insurance, financials, our volunteer group(trailbuilders) and also shuttle trail works.

The shuttle trail network when required, will have maintenance done by the Boomerang Farm staff when requested by O.R.A. The priority was to get the 50 metres or so of rutted trail filled in and rectified to enable easy shuttles and enable 2wd access. Also covered was the fire-trails two stumps and the few stumps next to “Rodneys Park”, these require removal to facilitate easy access. If at anytime there is a concern on the fire-trails, please advise Shane asap.

All in all, it was a great meeting filled with great energy and really has allowed the Outlook to take it to the next stage! With that said, we are looking forward to seeing you all over the weekend!

**Please note**
One important request came directly from James, all riders need to be advised that the old Queenslander (homestead) is out of bounds. Anyone found inside the homestead will have a lot to answer for.


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