Sunday’s dig.

This weekends dig > same time same place > Sunday, 07:30 in the car park, ride from 12:00 onwards. Join the dig here.

Some of you may not have seen the latest ground we covered but you’ll be stoked when you do! Most importantly, it brings us down to the very bottom and after a meeting that is being held today at Boomerang Farm,  we should be able to confirm a permanent finish point. We truly want to thank everyone that’s been a part of the journey so far, without your dedication we simply would not have progressed so quickly.

Over the coming weeks and after the DH line (Rodneys Run) has reached the bottom, we plan to start scratching the Freeride line out and will need to split our crack team of diggers and make….you guessed it, two crack teams for the next phase planned. Further updates about that will follow.

Have an awesome Friday!


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