Chris Kovarik, shakedown on “Rodneys Run””

You cant help to feel pretty awesome about life when your out riding with the “Karver”. After inviting him to drop in and check out the setup at Boomerang Farm, Milo met up with Chris to give him the low down on the track. Not being the greatest of host’s, Milo forced Chris into a mighty push up from the bottom due to a massive tree cutting the fire trail off(fallen with the recent storm). Chris had just got himself a new evil looking Intense rig and even with it not dialed in, it was not long before “Karver” himself was making his own lines. Chris took off with Milo on the chase. Whilst Chris was just cruising, Milo was having seizures trying to keep up, but all in good fun!

Just watching this guy sail over “Aarons Crack” was awesome, but the funny thing was, I think his phone started ringing as he hit it and I pulled up to him just as he was trying to answer the call with a bit of a chuckle.

Feeling pretty stoked, we got some speed for the last little section….how does he pull this shit off will always keep many wondering but one thing is for sure, Milo knew this was one reason to take some classes, soon.

Have to say thanks to Chris for his time out there today, the thought of him being an ambassador of the sport is probably a perfect title but he’d probably shrug it off and just go ride. If you have not had a class with CK, I strongly suggest you do because I know Milo will be.

Here is the sneaky run in all it’s glory. Watch in HD


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